Monday 25 July 2016

Theresa May or may not?

Is it not a bit of an anomaly that Theresa May who backed the Remain Campaign will now have to go to the EU to try and explain to them that them that it is to their advantage for the UK to leave.  She will have to argue that Britain will not be a member of the EU but wish to enjoy all the advantages but not be subject to the disadvantages. I can imagine that France and Germany in particular will argue that she was in favour of remaining but now is trying to convince them of the opposite. 

It is difficult to imagine that the UK Government who initiated the referendum were not aware of the consequences of the vote - whether for or against -  and the resulting economic chaos.  At times of economic chaos, obviously, the markets can be played and vast sums of money can be made so who took monetary advantage of this situation?  It is too simplistic to surmise that the referendum was held solely to attract UKIP voters although that was probably a useful by-product.

In the House of Commons May was asked if she would press the nuclear button causing the death of hundreds of thousands and she immediately, with no hesitation or deliberation, answered Yes but that raises several issues.  Would she be allowed by her allies to do so without consultation?  There is a protocol that the UK would only use nuclear weapons if under nuclear attack.  However,  potential enemies, devoid of the British sense of 'fair play', are hardly likely to give warning of an imminent attack and would obviously know where she was and could obliterate that entire area before she could act.  It could be argued that nuclear submarines could launch attacks in retaliation but after the mishaps in the Isle of Skye and Gibraltar can they be regarded as a viable threat.  To be honest if my arse was getting blown out of the window it would be no consolation whatsoever to know that men, women and children elsewhere were suffering the same fate.

The Labour party is a chaotic shambles - that's all I've got on that for now.... 

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  1. I think that the answer to the first part is, she's a politician. She'll be dealing with politicians. They will completely understand her volte face! If they had to they'd do the same.

    It's a mystery to me that Cameron, who instigated this referendum, told us that if we voted to come out we could cause a third world war.

    Seriously, if he believed that, why on earth did he entrust a decision with potentially disastrous consequences to a referendum? The only reason could have been to save his scrawny arse from UKIP.

    It won't be up to Mrs May whether to press it or not. Mrs Clinton will be deciding. But I'm up there with you. I'm not giving a s**t when I can see the bomb coming, about sending a bomb back to kill a million people who didn't send the bomb here.

    Because it won't be Putin who we'll hit. He, like the queen and her scrounging brood and the cabinet, will be well protected in underground bunkers.

    Nope, if May presses a button on Clinton's orders, it will be folk like you and me and Niko that will be fried.

    All for that bloody lot!