Thursday, 7 January 2016

Power to depress

Whilst perusing Munguin's mighty organ I came across a comment from a contributor called Dean.  As far as I am aware Dean is a post-graduate student which would indicate that he is of above average intelligence which makes his comment more risible and incredible. 

Munguin's Republic is a blog which supports Scottish independence and on almost a daily basis points out the ruthless arrogance, inadequacies and absurdities of the current and previous UK  governments backed up with actual and verifiable facts.

Given this abundance of information what does Dean focus on?  With information apparently gathered from the more rabid, which includes most of the UK, media his contribution concentrates on crowing regarding the situation of three SNP MPs who have been tried and found guilty by the mass media but by no-one else.   

The three concerned are, we understand, under investigation and the longer the investigations take gives the media every opportunity to portray these investigations as proof of wrong-doing not just by them but the SNP as a party. 

In the lead up to the Scottish elections we will find many more attempts by unionist politicians, aided and abetted by the media, to 'sling mud' at the SNP.  As shown at the General Election the vast majority of voters will see these tactics  for what they are and the reasons behind them.  It is doubly disappointing then to see those with a supposedly superior intellect falling for these tactics. 


  1. Dean runs a blog:

    Says it all really, he's a Tory. Probably looking forward to his party being thumped in May, with the rest of the Tories.

    1. It seems he is a follower of your blog, the guy in the shades, bottom left of the followers pictures.

  2. I've only just noticed this post John.

    I'm kinda intrigued about Munguin's organ, mighty or otherwise, but I shall put that to the side (the left probably) and concentrate on the meat of your post. :)

    We note yet again that no one from the SNP has yet been spoken to by the police (as far as we know) or charged with any crime.

    The unionist press however, seem to believe them all to be criminals and have devoted front page headline after front page headline to their imagined faults.

    Yet we have heard very little of the unaccounted for money at Kezia Dugdale's constituency offices, or the mess of accounting that Better Together appears to have made of their referendum accounts.

    Ho hum, just another day at the hot metal press rooms of the Scottish Unionists Press.

    Sorry I missed the post at the time.